Screen Print Process

The Art & Skill of Screen Printing

Screen Printing is as much an art as it is a skill. Creativity and experience weigh heavily into the ultimate quality your design will obtain. Our 30+ years of experience and a broad range of applications will provide insight and quality to the image you are attempting to create. Our team works hard to make sure your art or logo looks the best that it can. We pride our selves of the quality of our finished promotional products.

screen printing screens and ink screen printing screens and ink screen printing screens and ink

Outlined below are the basic steps in the screen printing process:

The first step is to obtain a copy of your artwork. We can provide support in this process should you require assistance. After receipt of the artwork, it is forward to our art department for processing. The technician will provide a composite proof for your review so that you may see what the design will look like on the apparel item, e.g., t-shirt, sweatshirt, towel, tote bag, etc. The proofs will show you the ink colors, the print size dimensions, and it will confirm the specific print locations you specified. After review, you may discuss possible changes required to fit your application. We will not print your job until you are satisfied with the proof and have given approval of the design. We'll work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the design!

screen printing screens and ink screen printing screens and ink screen printing screens and ink screen printing screens and ink

After art approval, films are created to make the screen. All of the art is pre-registered and check again for detail and quality. Once the art is approved in-house it is sent to the screen department where the appropriate screens are selected based on the artwork, apparel type, ink additives, etc. After screen selection, each screen is coated with a photosensitive emulsion. Next, the screen dries, and it is placed on the vacuum light table and exposed with a 3000 watt metal halide light.

The Final Touches:

After exposure, the image is washed out and then dried. Once the image is dry, it is double checked with the films for accuracy.

The Acutal Printing Part:

Each color in the design needs a screen and each screen must be blocked, taped, setup, and squeegeed. Smaller runs are often placed on the manual presses. Larger runs and/or jobs with more colors, are placed on the automatic presses. By "flashing" or drying the ink between each color layer, we are able to give you bright, professional quality printing that will withstand years of wear and tear.

The Drying Process:

During the silk screen printing process, whether on the manual or auto press, wet inks are squegeed through the screens onto the apparel. These inks remain wet until run through large commercial dryers at 350°F.