Wine Check Bags

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Exclusive product of Headgear Plus on orders less than 100 pieces!

The Wine Check is the safe, convenient way for your wine to travel with you. Whether you are purchasing wine on vacation or taking some on a trip, The Wine Check makes wine travel safe and easy, and it usually costs less than shipping a box of wine.

  • Your wine is only hours in flight vs. on a truck for several days
  • Double protection: industry standard of wine travel safety - styrofoam shipper and a padded enclosure (styrofoam/seperator sold seperately)
  • Conveniently transport up to 12 bottles with ease, using handles or pull strap and wheels
  • Get wine to states/countries we can't ship to
  • Check your FULL CASE at the airport, remaining under the FAA weight limit
  • Collapsible and reuseable, so you can store The Wine Check and use it whenever you take wine with you

Wholesale Pricing:

Quantity of 2-3: $78.00 each Quantity of 4-6: $63.00 each Quantity of 6-9: $53.00 each
Quantity of 10: $45.50 each Quantity of 25: $42.50 each Quantity of 50: $41.00 each

Add $35.00 for screen print setups.

*One color screen print ONLY*

**Pricing does NOT include Styrofoam shipper**

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